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Exploring spirituality, life, God, practicality, authenticity and expression. Lane McCall hosts conversations with thought-leaders, go-getters, do-gooders and friends.

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Darrin Begley is our guest on this episode of Let's Explore, and we dive into the low-down on the Christian doctrine of the rapture.  Darrin Begley's Website: www.godshouse.life
June 26, 2019
Lane McCall and Don Keathley discuss truth and how to identify it.  To connect with Don Keathley visit: http://www.donkeathley.com/
June 11, 2019
Lane McCall talks with Pastor Don Keathley about his teachings on radical grace. To find out more about Don Keathley, visit www.donkeathley.com
May 22, 2019
In this session we dive into becoming aware of the presence of God and how sweet that is! Set your mind with us upon the awareness of the presence of consistent, steadfast LOVE in your life.   Let's E...
May 12, 2019
Lane McCall hangs out with comedian Elijah Tindall. To connect with Elijah visit his website at https://www.elijahtindall.com/  
May 9, 2019
Ladies! This one is for you... it's all about shoes! (Okay... not just for the ladies.) In this episode Lane McCall talks with Michael Graham about the symbolic nature of shoes, feet and how they rela...
May 5, 2019
Lane McCall explores with Don Keathley and Darrin Begley on the realities of the new life and the liberty available to everyone on the planet.  To connect with Don Keathley: www.donkeathley.comTo conn...
May 2, 2019
Ever wonder where you stand now with God?... especially after that last mistake you made? Here's some hope and encouragement for your week. 
April 28, 2019
Lane McCall visits with Don Keathley and Darrin Begley as they discuss Hell and the misinformation about it that has prevailed throughout modern-day Western Christian theology.
April 25, 2019
Lane McCall talks with licensed counselor Jarod Allen about spirituality, healthy relationships and practical tools for experiencing a better life. Connect with Let's Explore on Facebook at: https://w...
April 22, 2019

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